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Are they friend or foe?

Posted in: books by LaRene Ellis on April 14, 2010

This entry is part 1 of 5 in the series Stones Quest Series

Two figures ran from the camouflage gel to the nearest tree. The protective shield shimmered and wiggled from their exit. Staying close to the tree, they searched the sky. Seeing no birds flying, Ghonllier leaned up against the tree and started to hum while Dapper kept guard.

Someone joined the commander’s musical communication. Dapper tightened his grip on his blaster, keeping his attention on the Snacker Vines. He was taken aback to see how many of the plants were underneath their ship. Dapper wondered how many of them had tried to kill him.

Suddenly, the hums started to sound closer. They were hearing them coming from the ground and the sky. Knowing they had made contact, Ghonllier headed back to the ship with Dapper following him at a run.

They passed through the shield of gel as a large bird came swooping over their heads, landing inside the ship. They entered the ship with their blasters pointing at a large gray eagle. The bird studied the two men as a small yellow and white calico cat ran up the ramp. The cat entered and rubbed up against the bird as he nipped at her with his beak.

Looking at Ghonllier, the bird said, “Permission to change.”

“Granted,” answered the commander.

There was a slight shimmer, and suddenly, in place of the bird, stood a young man with white hair and dark green eyes. He wore old civilian clothes that were weather-beaten and frayed at the edges.

The cat did the same thing and turned into a slender young woman with blonde hair. Her clothes were very neat and precisely tailored. She daintily brushed herself off and then cocked her head towards Ghonllier. “Well, Commander?” she inquired in a sultry alto. “Shall we proceed with the formalities?”Ghonllier blocked the entrance into the ship with his blaster pointed at the spies.

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What a Marked Man has to do

Posted in: books by LaRene Ellis on April 16, 2010

This entry is part 2 of 5 in the series Stones Quest Series

“Son.” Justin held out his hand to help Ghonllier up. “I regret to say this, but you need to leave. It’s too dangerous for you to come home now.” Ghonllier accepted his hand and stood. “I cherish every moment that I have spent with you.”

The father and son hugged for what Ghonllier felt was for the last time. He felt something coming between Justin and himself and he wondered what it was.

When Ghonllier released him, Justin said, “I’m sorry there are so many negative memories for you here.”

Ghonllier hugged him again. When he pulled away, he looked into his father’s face and said, “Father, I wish she was here with me now.”

“I know. I miss her too.”

They started to walk towards the doors. Ghonllier asked, “How do I contact you now?”

“Through Dapper; we will use the ancient Eraphin language,” answered Justin.

“I’m going to miss our talks.”

Justin nodded. “With you going rogue, I could lose my job. I’m working on keeping my job, but if I can’t, Sohmer and the Senatorial Board will be forced to remove me. You’ll be on your own then.”

Ghonllier smiled and said, “Then you can join me on my ship.”

Justin grinned and responded, “I would like that.”

Book One

The new Master felt tears welling up, walking behind Justin. He forced himself to remain calm. They walked silently down the stairs. Halfway down, Justin stopped and leaned into Ghonllier. He whispered, “Son, that memory chip I gave you is the only copy of those coordinates. Do not lose it. Go there as soon as possible.”

“Why?” Ghonllier responded, whispering.

“Just go. Consider it my last order.” Ghonllier started to ask another question, but Justin stopped him. “It’s too classified to talk about it here,” his Father explained.

Justin dropped to the next step and Ghonllier stopped him. Looking back, Justin saw Ghonllier held up the chip. “I’m not going without more information.”

“Ghonllier, please don’t do this,” Justin pleaded.

“If I’m about to desert I-Force, I want to know what I’m walking into.”

Justin sighed. Walking back to Ghonllier, he leaned in to whisper in his ear. “Son, trust me. You’ll find a clue to your new crew.” He stepped away before Ghonllier could respond. “Well, I’m glad for your visit,” Justin announced loudly.

Dapper and Justin exchanged looks. Ghonllier knew his father was finished with the discussion. So he followed him out of respect.

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The Trap is Set – Will He fall into it?

Posted in: books by LaRene Ellis on

This entry is part 3 of 5 in the series Stones Quest Series

He lost their tracks shortly after finding them. So he circled back. This time, he landed on the path near the place where he saw their tracks disappear. Expecting to feel soil underneath his claws, Bert found himself disappearing beneath the ground.

Everything went dark as Bert found himself descending down into a tunnel. Confused, he tumbled down a dark hole numerous times before he landed on soft dirt. Dazed, Bert just lay there before he slowly picked himself up. I wonder how far I fell? he thought, looking upwards for some reference.

The place was dark and dank. He struggled to see, but his acute vision wasn’t allowing him to see his surroundings. If he changed into a man, he could use the field glasses to see. Staying a bird, he felt, was his only out. Above his head, he could smell fresh air. One last time, he tried again to contact Celia with no success.  I need to get out of here and get back to our ship. Spreading his wings, he lifted off, flying up the tunnel. Luckily, it was just wide enough for his wingspan.

Following the scent of fresh air, he felt something brush by his wingtips. A root had extended itself out into the tunnel and somehow it grabbed hold of his right wing. Pulling away from it, pain shot throughout his body, causing him to cry out. It resonated in the darkness. His body went limp, and a falling sensation overtook his mind along with the pain. He tried to pull the wing into his body, but it wouldn’t respond. The pain took over, causing him to fall down the tunnel again. When he hit the bottom, he went into unconsciousness.

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A Curse that Destroys Lives

Posted in: books by LaRene Ellis on April 12, 2010

This entry is part 4 of 5 in the series Stones Quest Series

He read:


I know there are numerous Master’s between us But the Master Stones have shown you unto me. I know that you are a descendant of mine. I can see the fear in your heart to become the Master of the Galaxy. Do not be afraid of what the Stones are asking of you. For I see, you do not want to be the Master. This will be a grave mistake if you don’t accept the mantel.

The Master Stones have shown me your time and I’m writing this to you in hopes of helping you stop the curse that has been placed on our family. The war you are in isn’t your brother’s fault. It is mine or at least it is because with me. It hurts me to see my beloved galaxy being torn apart in your time.

I do not know if the Master Stones completely understand what caused your war. They could or would not tell me because it isn’t my place to stop it. I know it feels like a huge burden being placed on your shoulders. It is your job and destiny to stop the destruction of this galaxy.

From personal experience, I can tell you that your greatest weapon will be knowledge. Seek it and learn about my time so you can understand the origin of this curse.

To be the Master of the Stones, you need to completely free yourself of any negative feelings or thoughts. The Master Stones cannot work with a person who has negative issues. The Stones cannot function on negative thoughts. You can’t help but have them with all that I see in your days. But you will need to rid yourself of it.

The curse came from your great, great grandfather. He placed the curse on our family out of anger towards my wife and myself. He is her father. He is an evil sorcerer who has caused the people of my days a lot of grief.  I know my wife’s father was upset about his powers being past on to half-breeds, as he called them.

Your sister is very gifted and she has great powers. Protect her. She is important to you and the Master Stones. Together, the two of you can stop the curse and rule the galaxy together. You will become the most powerful Masters of the Galaxy because you’re twins. You will be the first Master to have duel leadership and powers. Use them wisely and the two of you will go down in history as the greatest Masters of the Galaxy.

Let go of your fears and be the man. May you prevail is my wish. I hope this helps you. Your loving great, great, grandfather,


Book One

How does this end? Will the galaxy be destroyed if one man doesn’t understand his future? For ages 10 and up. Find out by purchasing an  autographed copy from Gathering Place Publishers Store. Or you can purchase  from Amazon by using the link in the right hand column. Have Fun! Enjoy Reading

Are You Ready for a new Adventure?

Posted in: books by LaRene Ellis on April 02, 2010

Are you ready for a new adventure that consumes your full attention? Find yourself lost in a world between Avatar and Star Wars; a believable world where fantasy and reality are undistinguishable.

A world where people must beware of deadly vines enticing their victims by giving off a smell of baking bread and strawberry jam or chocolate and peppermint.

A world where spaceships pick up an entire city with just a beam of light.

A world where animals talk and transform into people. Are they friend or foe?

A world where some people can move faster than the eye can see, blend in with a wall and disappear,  control the weather, move objects with their minds, or see the future. Most folks are like you. Their technology rules but in a previous time sorcerers ruled the galaxy before their self destruction. Leaving behind, a time bomb that will destroy all human life in the galaxy. Will their off spring discover the powers in time to reverse the curse before the galaxy is destroyed?

A world where mystery, fantasy, reality, good vs. evil, and hope all combine to give birth to new ideas, new adventures that tug and pull at the reader’s sole; challenging the reader to view the purpose of life with a new perspective that is healing in a world of personal chaos and misery.

You can discover all of these adventures in the Stones’ Quest series. Begin the first installment, Stones’ Quest: In Search of its Master and enter a fantastic world where anything can happen. Ages 10 and up. It’s possible to receive an autographed copy. Amazon and Barnes & Noble carry it online. Have fun and keep reading!

How I became a published author –

Posted in: books by LaRene Ellis on April 13, 2010

I’m a published author with four books and two more on the way. They say it is easy to become a published author. Yet, it can be very difficult. For this amount of money, we can help make the experience easier for you. What do you say?

People come up to me all the time and tell me that they have a story they want to have published. I see apprehension and excitement in their eyes and I know what they are feeling. When I decided to get my story published, I found it daunting.

As a friend, I want to do something different here. I’m going to be blunt and tell you what it’s really like. If you still want to become a published author, as a friend, I will mentor you through the maze. You can get really hurt emotionally and it is easy to pour money down the drain. I will tell you what it’s like to be picked up by a publisher or to become self-published. You can read the material and decide for yourself.

Many seasoned authors are choosing to follow the self-publishing route. You might want to read why in my free e-book, “What Does it Take to Become a Successful Published Author.” If you really want to become a published author, then you can join me and I’ll mentor you through the process. Before I mentor you, I want you to understand the advantages of both sides of the publishing world. That way you can make an intelligent decision and understand what I’m telling you.

When I decided to enter the industry, it was very overwhelming. For help, I turned to a few books. The first book I read was written by a literary agent and he was very discouraging. According to his book, he receives 5000 requests a week for his services. You can only imagine how many rejection letters he sent out on a daily basis. A literary agent will not take a new author unless they find a publisher first. Most publishers will not look at you without a literary agent.

After reading numerous books, I decided to publish my book myself. With my background, I probably have put more deals together than some literary agents. The biggest problem with self-publishing is you can and usually do make expensive mistakes. This is why I decided to mentor people. I would have loved if someone reached out and talked me through the process when I started. It cost me money and it was very emotional. I never felt so alone in a business as I did during this time of my learning.

Since I love to learn, I decided to go out and see if the books were telling me the truth. I hired someone to get me into some important places. My journey started in New York City. On this trip, I saw and spoke with people who educated me.

The first person I saw in New York City was an associated editor at Scholastic Magazine, named Lisa Feder-Feitel.  As we got off the elevator, Scholastic’s offices took me back. I didn’t expect the bright colors and the décor. For a moment, I felt like I was in an elementary school. I had expected to sit in an office. Instead, we sat down at a table where our knees barely touched the edge of it. I expected any minute to have kids join us with their crayons and coloring books. It was really fun and Lisa was very warm and wonderful to talk with.

On this trip, I visited with Mark Schoenwald, an Executive Vice President of Thomas Nelson Publishers. I learned how a large publisher works and how they view new authors. You can read more in my e-book.

My visits didn’t stop with Thomas Nelson. I spent time with Peter Cannon of Publishers Weekly magazine. He was one of their editors and I learned a lot from talking with him.  Publishers want to get a good review from Publishers Weekly on their new book. It helps stores buy a book they have coming out. I thought it was interesting to talk with him. For me, I never bought or read a book because of a review. I bought it because someone I trusted recommended it.

From Peter’s office, I went to a meeting with Bowker. They are the source for ISBN numbers for your books. They have other services that are important to the success of your book as well.

After I met with Bowker, I went into an hour-long meeting with Barnes and Noble’s head and regional buyers. Now, I understand how they work. Before the meeting, I bumped into Barnes and Noble Vice President, Robert C. Knowles, and I had a nice chat with him.

Now, I understood how large bookstores handle buying books. I wanted to know if it was different for small family-owned bookstores. I stopped in and interviewed numerous bookstore owners across the nation. Every bookstore owner had the same attitude on how they chose their books.

While I was there, I had some owners give me the names of independent distributors. Then I called them up to learn what challenges they had working with bookstores. They have a hard job and I really appreciate what they do.

Again, I wish that I had someone talk me through the publishing business. You really have no idea what it’s like until you have to do it. When authors come up to me, I listen and my heart aches for them. I know most of them will never get started or they will quit at the first bump in the road. There is so much you need to learn and they have such a learning curve ahead of them.

I love the business side of publishing as much as I do writing. Most authors aren’t wired for business. Since I have so much vast knowledge of the publishing field, I decided to mentor others. It made sense to use the Internet. This way, I can mentor and still have a career and life. Join me today by downloading my free e-book, “What Does it Take to Become a Successful Published Author.”  Then we will talk! E-bookJ