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The Trap is Set – Will He fall into it?

Posted in: books by LaRene Ellis on April 16, 2010

This entry is part 3 of 5 in the series Stones Quest Series

He lost their tracks shortly after finding them. So he circled back. This time, he landed on the path near the place where he saw their tracks disappear. Expecting to feel soil underneath his claws, Bert found himself disappearing beneath the ground.

Everything went dark as Bert found himself descending down into a tunnel. Confused, he tumbled down a dark hole numerous times before he landed on soft dirt. Dazed, Bert just lay there before he slowly picked himself up. I wonder how far I fell? he thought, looking upwards for some reference.

The place was dark and dank. He struggled to see, but his acute vision wasn’t allowing him to see his surroundings. If he changed into a man, he could use the field glasses to see. Staying a bird, he felt, was his only out. Above his head, he could smell fresh air. One last time, he tried again to contact Celia with no success.  I need to get out of here and get back to our ship. Spreading his wings, he lifted off, flying up the tunnel. Luckily, it was just wide enough for his wingspan.

Following the scent of fresh air, he felt something brush by his wingtips. A root had extended itself out into the tunnel and somehow it grabbed hold of his right wing. Pulling away from it, pain shot throughout his body, causing him to cry out. It resonated in the darkness. His body went limp, and a falling sensation overtook his mind along with the pain. He tried to pull the wing into his body, but it wouldn’t respond. The pain took over, causing him to fall down the tunnel again. When he hit the bottom, he went into unconsciousness.

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