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All new Stones’ Quest Books & E-books

Posted in: books by LaRene Ellis on July 27, 2010

Book One

There are some new changes to the Stones’ Quest Series listed below!

First: We are bringing out the series in hardback and e-book formats. So you will be able to read the book on any electronic device, including Kindle. (There is a reason to why I changed the first two books. If you want more information, click here.)

Second: The new hardback book and e-book has a different ending and the style of the writing changed. You can see the style change of the book on You can download the first 80 pages free.

Third change: Gathering Place Store is offering both the hardback book and e-book as a set for the price of $24.95. Order before Christmas and you’ll receive an autographed copy of the books.

Forth change: We are selling the paperback books of Stones’ Quest series for $10.00 a book until they last.

Fifth change: Book 4 – Stones’ Quest: The Master Emerges will be available in November of 2010! Order your advance order and you will receive an autographed copy.

AGES 10-17 – A young boy finds an all-powerful Stone. Is it good or evil? Ghonllier is the best commander in the I-Force fleet, fighting valiantly in the galactic civil war against the evil Suzair the Great and the KOGN forces. But when the commander’s ship rescuses a young boy from a KOGN attack, Ghonllier is unprepared for the consequences, and the powerful secret the boy carries in his pocket.

Order your advance copy of the first book now!  Gathering Place Publishers Store. The e-books can even download to your cell-phone or any other electric reader.  ISBN: 978-0-9828311-0-6 -

Copyright 2010 – Book 1- Stones’ Quest: In Search of Its Master is still for ages 10-17. The printed  hardback book published date is  Dec. 15, 2010. You can advance order the hardback copy from Amazon and all of your favorite places to shop.

Christmas, birthdays, it makes a great gift. You can read reader’s comments if you want. Paperback version will be selling from our store for $10.00 while the inventory lasts.


Book 2  – Stones’ Quest: The Battles Begin-

ISBN: 978-0-9754622-6-3 – Hardback – December 15, 2010

ISBN:978-0-9828311-1-3 – E-book – now on Smashwords and Gathering Place Store.

Order before Christmas and you will receive an autographed copy. You will be able to order e-book and hardcopy as a package.

Battling KOGN and hiding from I-Force, Ghonllier and his rene-gade crew continue their pursuit of the all-powerful Master Stones. Searching for a solution to reverse the curse destroying the galaxy, Ghonllier must confront his greatest fears foreseeing the untimely deaths of his closets friends and family. Meanwhile, Suzair the Great continues advancing his evil reign over and increasing number of systems in the galaxy. Can Ghonllier save the galaxy and present the deaths of those he loves? Or will he have to choose?

Stones’ Quest: The Battles Begin continues the take of the great quest of the Stones. Gaining more powers only adds to Ghonllier’s inner turmoil. Teeming with suspense, the story illustrates powerful battles between the forces of good and evil, and one man’s battles within himself.

All copies purchased from Gathering Place Publishers Store will be autographed copies. This book will be available in a package discount. Copies of the paperback version, we are selling for $10.00 while our inventory last.


Book 3 – Stones’ Quest: Redemption of the Curse

ISBN: 978-0-9754622-7-0 Hardback will be out first of 2011.

ISBN: 978-09828311-2-0 – E-book – Will be bring it out in first of the year.

All the Stones’ Quest series E-book and printed books will be sold at Gathering Place Store, Amazon and your favorite web store. Gathering Place Publisher will be selling this book in a package deal for a discount.

The Story continues, the curse is revealed. The balance of the galaxy is in the hands of the few. Will the revealed truth be enough, or will the overwhelming powers of the curse engulf the universe beyond the influence of the Master Stones?

The fate of all lies is in the hands of one. Will this unlikely soul choose to save it all or let everything be destroyed? The race for ultimate power…who will win?

All paperback are will be sold for $10.00 from Gathering Place Publisher as long as inventory lasts.


Book 4 – Stones’ Quest: The Master Emerges

ISBN: 978-0-9754622-8-7 – Hardback – Spring 2011.

ISBN” 978-0-9828311-3-7 – E-book – Spring 2010

Sign up for e-mail updates in the right column and we will inform you of the exact date for E-book. At Gathering Place Publishers, we are selling E-books and hard back books at a reduced price. When you purchase them together from us. Your copy will be autographed. It will be a great Christmas gift.


Book 5 – Stones’ Quest: A new Master Appears

ISBN: 978-0-4622-9-4 – Hardback

ISBN: 978-0-9828311-4-4 – E-book

This will be available in the first part of 2011. Advance order from us in spring of 2011 and you will be first to receive your book.

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