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Are You Ready for a new Adventure?

Posted in: books by LaRene Ellis on April 02, 2010

Are you ready for a new adventure that consumes your full attention? Find yourself lost in a world between Avatar and Star Wars; a believable world where fantasy and reality are undistinguishable.

A world where people must beware of deadly vines enticing their victims by giving off a smell of baking bread and strawberry jam or chocolate and peppermint.

A world where spaceships pick up an entire city with just a beam of light.

A world where animals talk and transform into people. Are they friend or foe?

A world where some people can move faster than the eye can see, blend in with a wall and disappear,  control the weather, move objects with their minds, or see the future. Most folks are like you. Their technology rules but in a previous time sorcerers ruled the galaxy before their self destruction. Leaving behind, a time bomb that will destroy all human life in the galaxy. Will their off spring discover the powers in time to reverse the curse before the galaxy is destroyed?

A world where mystery, fantasy, reality, good vs. evil, and hope all combine to give birth to new ideas, new adventures that tug and pull at the reader’s sole; challenging the reader to view the purpose of life with a new perspective that is healing in a world of personal chaos and misery.

You can discover all of these adventures in the Stones’ Quest series. Begin the first installment, Stones’ Quest: In Search of its Master and enter a fantastic world where anything can happen. Ages 10 and up. It’s possible to receive an autographed copy. Amazon and Barnes & Noble carry it online. Have fun and keep reading!

If Star Wars had come out as a book first, how would you describe it

Posted in: books,movie by LaRene Ellis on September 10, 2008

If Star Wars had come out as a book first, instead of a movie, how would you describe it? This is a reaction of many readers of the Stones’ Quest series. They have compared the charm and excitement of Star Wars.

It’s hard to live in a galaxy where evil has already begun to devour it. People in the galaxy are disappearing and they do not want to admit it. But suddenly you find yourself right in the middle of it with a small group of people. They are the ones who found the all-powerful Master Stones that can stop the evil Suzair the Great. At what price does this small band of people have to pay to restore the Master Stones to their power?

Like Star Wars, people who aren’t into Sci-Fi have fallen in love with it. This is a five part series as it chronicles one family’s journey to understand their place in the universe.

So please leave your comments below. How would you describe Star Wars if it was a book?