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What happened to the rest of the series of Stones Quest?

Posted in: Journal by LaRene Ellis on March 05, 2012

On Valentines 2011, the doctors found an egg size cancerous tumor in my head. One year later, it is virtually gone. The egg size tumor was too large for surgery. So they used radiation and chemo to remove it. The tumor decided to grow in an area of my brain that affected my motor and communication skills. The doctors weren’t sure what abilities I would be able to keep after the radiation to my head.


Slowly, some abilities returned. A week before Christmas 2011 my creative ability showed up. With each week, my ability to write has increased. I do not know how well they are compared to my previous writing ability. Right now, I’m grateful to have anything back.


In Nov. 2009, I was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer. My cancer was an incurable and fast growing type. One year, you receive a monogram and everything is fine. You go back the following year on the due date of your monogram and you have stage four breast cancer.


In the beginning, they requested an MRI for the brain and the cancer was not there. So it means, the cancer took three years to develop in my head. They found the tumor because I lost my balance and ability to write my name. My words were slurred among other things. I do not mind saying, the year 2011 was a very hard year.


Before I contracted breast cancer, I started to write a children/young adult series. The cancer did not completely stop me from working on the series. Until, the cancer spread to my head. In January 2011, the series came to a sketching halt. The steroids they gave me in February caused me to loose my ability to process my world let alone a factious galaxy and people.


My prayers and others have been answered. I am so grateful to be granted the opportunity to write again. I apologize to my fans for the delays that the tumor has caused. Some of you have contacted the publisher and asked about the rest of the books. When my life fell apart, I was almost ready to deliver the book four.


Right now, book four is with the art team. As soon as, they produce a cover. It will be out. The publisher feels that they can have the book out by May 2012. I am sorry that it is not sooner. I keep hoping that something will happen and it will be out in April.


I am so sorry to leave you hanging, wondering what was coming into the galaxy that would cause Ghonllier and the Master Stones grief. When you finish book four, you will be left wondering how he’s going to rid the galaxy of the menace. How will he be able to protect the galaxy from the unseen forces of danger?


My creative ability is back, but I do not know for how long. It has become important to finish the series. Since Christmas 2011, I have finished book five of the series. Now, they have the book at the editor. It is hoped to be out in the fall.


While I was writing book five, something happened that I did not expect. Ghonllier and the Master Stones had to clean up some curses and promises that Sethus the first Master of the Galaxy made. The Master Stones would not allow Sethus to finish them during his reign. I wondered why? They insisted on Sethus’s progenitors to end it. The fifth installment of the series really caused me to want to know what happened between Bog and Sethus. How did this evil sorcerer curse his family? The Master Stones weren’t always preset in the Ellisarius galaxy. What caused them to appear in the galaxy at the time that they did?


So I’ve sketched out the story and I found that there is something very interesting there. I figured that some fans would want to learn the same things that I found out. We will be adding a sixth book to the series. Book six will end the series of Stones Quest. Thank you for falling in love with a story that I had no intention of publishing. I love it too and I appreciate your prayers and support during a rough four years.


Those interested in ordering advance copies of book 4 or 5. Click here. You will be the first ones to receive a copy.

A Curse that Destroys Lives

Posted in: books by LaRene Ellis on April 12, 2010

This entry is part 4 of 5 in the series Stones Quest Series

He read:


I know there are numerous Master’s between us But the Master Stones have shown you unto me. I know that you are a descendant of mine. I can see the fear in your heart to become the Master of the Galaxy. Do not be afraid of what the Stones are asking of you. For I see, you do not want to be the Master. This will be a grave mistake if you don’t accept the mantel.

The Master Stones have shown me your time and I’m writing this to you in hopes of helping you stop the curse that has been placed on our family. The war you are in isn’t your brother’s fault. It is mine or at least it is because with me. It hurts me to see my beloved galaxy being torn apart in your time.

I do not know if the Master Stones completely understand what caused your war. They could or would not tell me because it isn’t my place to stop it. I know it feels like a huge burden being placed on your shoulders. It is your job and destiny to stop the destruction of this galaxy.

From personal experience, I can tell you that your greatest weapon will be knowledge. Seek it and learn about my time so you can understand the origin of this curse.

To be the Master of the Stones, you need to completely free yourself of any negative feelings or thoughts. The Master Stones cannot work with a person who has negative issues. The Stones cannot function on negative thoughts. You can’t help but have them with all that I see in your days. But you will need to rid yourself of it.

The curse came from your great, great grandfather. He placed the curse on our family out of anger towards my wife and myself. He is her father. He is an evil sorcerer who has caused the people of my days a lot of grief.  I know my wife’s father was upset about his powers being past on to half-breeds, as he called them.

Your sister is very gifted and she has great powers. Protect her. She is important to you and the Master Stones. Together, the two of you can stop the curse and rule the galaxy together. You will become the most powerful Masters of the Galaxy because you’re twins. You will be the first Master to have duel leadership and powers. Use them wisely and the two of you will go down in history as the greatest Masters of the Galaxy.

Let go of your fears and be the man. May you prevail is my wish. I hope this helps you. Your loving great, great, grandfather,


Book One

How does this end? Will the galaxy be destroyed if one man doesn’t understand his future? For ages 10 and up. Find out by purchasing an  autographed copy from Gathering Place Publishers Store. Or you can purchase  from Amazon by using the link in the right hand column. Have Fun! Enjoy Reading

Are You Ready for a new Adventure?

Posted in: books by LaRene Ellis on April 02, 2010

Are you ready for a new adventure that consumes your full attention? Find yourself lost in a world between Avatar and Star Wars; a believable world where fantasy and reality are undistinguishable.

A world where people must beware of deadly vines enticing their victims by giving off a smell of baking bread and strawberry jam or chocolate and peppermint.

A world where spaceships pick up an entire city with just a beam of light.

A world where animals talk and transform into people. Are they friend or foe?

A world where some people can move faster than the eye can see, blend in with a wall and disappear,  control the weather, move objects with their minds, or see the future. Most folks are like you. Their technology rules but in a previous time sorcerers ruled the galaxy before their self destruction. Leaving behind, a time bomb that will destroy all human life in the galaxy. Will their off spring discover the powers in time to reverse the curse before the galaxy is destroyed?

A world where mystery, fantasy, reality, good vs. evil, and hope all combine to give birth to new ideas, new adventures that tug and pull at the reader’s sole; challenging the reader to view the purpose of life with a new perspective that is healing in a world of personal chaos and misery.

You can discover all of these adventures in the Stones’ Quest series. Begin the first installment, Stones’ Quest: In Search of its Master and enter a fantastic world where anything can happen. Ages 10 and up. It’s possible to receive an autographed copy. Amazon and Barnes & Noble carry it online. Have fun and keep reading!

Welcome to Stones’ Quest Series blog!

Posted in: books by LaRene Ellis on February 09, 2010

Welcome to a blog where you can talk to the author of Stones’ Quest Series. You can read about the latest events in the Stones’ Quest series. For you who are new to the series, we welcome you to join us. The books below are the reason for the blog. Below this welcome post, you’ll find articles on what is happening with the series.

Stones’ Quest In Search of its Master -

The book to the left is the first book of the series for ages 10 and up. The protagonists are four white all powerful Stones. Everyone is searching for them so they can have their power. They have a mind of their own and they pick the people that they want to influence.

The Stones go to a family that are both sides of a civil war. They have to find all four Stones and the secrets to their disappearance in time to stop the destruction of a curse that is loose within the galaxy. Will they find them in time and not be killed by the other side. The story continues into book two.

Stones’ Quest The Battles Begin – Book 2

Centuries ago, a young sorceress fell in love, but not with the man chose by her powerful father. Giving up everything she has, he lovers escape fleeing te moon and her father’s hateful oppression. Or they thought….

Battling KOGN and hiding from I-Force, Ghonllier and his rene-gade crew continue their pursuit of the all-powerful Master Stones. Searching for a solution to reverse the curse destroying the galaxy. Ghonllier must confront his friends and family. Meanwhile, Suzair the Great continues advancing is evil reign over an increasing number of systems in the galaxy. Can Ghonllier save the galaxy and present the deaths of those he loves? OR will he have to choose?

Stones’ Quest Redemption of the Curse – Book 3

Story continues, the curse is revealed. The balance of the galaxy is in the hands of the few. Will the revealed truth be enough, or will the overwhelming powers of the curse engulf the universe beyond the influence of the Master Stones?

The fate of all lies is in the hands of one. Will this unlikely soul choose to save it all or let everything be destroyed? The race for ultimate power… who will win?

The books are coming out in hardback soon. Book one has a different ending. You can advance order here. If you order from our website, your book will be autographed by the other. You receive a discount if you order them together.